Which is the Testing order?

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It’s very common to find people thinking that executing test cases is Testing but that only represents 40% of testing. Why we focus in only one task? Is it a cultura thing? Why dont we watch beyond the horizon?
Testing applies to every known stage of Development Software Process. Each stage, document, software, plan is testeable and must be tested before we perform system tests.
Besides, getting testers involved in early stages give us many benefits like saving time, identify potential bugs, etc…

The elemental Test cycle has the following Stages
> Planning and Control
> Analysis and Design
> Execution and implementation
> Evaluation and reports
> Closure Activities
Each of these stages are related with those stages at development process level to be tested and find bugs.
Just at the execution stage we perform:
* Component Testing (Mas conocidos como UniTests)
* Integration Testing (Mediante distintas metodologias, Bigban, Funcional, etc…)
* System Testing (Functional y No Funcional)
* User Acceptance Testing

Por Sergio E Cusmai
QA manager


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