Business Quality

We define the Satisfaction Indexes that must be reached in order to improve the commercial relationship and surpass the client’s expectations. We establish fluid Communication between internal and external clients and among the different structural levels of the company. We carry out Organizational Diagnostics by proposing improvement processes and actions that have a direct effect on the relationship with the client. We lead Cultural Changes with the aim of increasing business and excellence of service.

Through Reengineering we define positions and functions as well as required structures, dependencies, operational methodology, abilities and competences in each case. We select and recruit those most apt to efficiently fulfill the established objectives. Through Performance Evaluations we individually monitor each professional. We carry out Trainings for development in technical, professional and attitudinal aspects of the employees.

Thanks to our own methodology, we have unique flexibility in the market to deliver Quality, always respecting international norms currently in effect, such as IEEE, ISO and BS. QAustral applies, in a short period of time, methodology that allows:

– Establishing open communication, clearing up misunderstandings and reviewing knowledge and expectations not expressed.
– Verifying that their products or services are in line with the value-added needs of the client.
– Confirming that their proposal upholds the client’s expectations.
– Identifying service performance measures like satisfaction level indicators.
– Optimizing efforts focused on critical areas of business.
– Implementing continual improvement processes aligned with the value-added needs and expectations of the client. .
– Improving considerably the commercial relationship.

We implement methodology to know the value and expectations of the client regarding the products and services that their company receives. With this knowledge, we manage Human Resources through continual improvement processes with the objective of obtaining excellence by exceeding the stated expectations.

We provide qualified human resources for specific positions in order to satisfy your company’s needs.

-Qualified Human Resources to cover your company’s most urgent needs.
-We hire independent contractors so your company can reduce its operating costs.

We have a large database to locate the human resources that you are looking for in the shortest amount of time possible. Through a meticulous selection process, and not just through traditional interviews, we ensure that the professional selected