Courses and training

If you need to create a QA area (QA Analysts – QA Testers), we can train them on different methodologies. They will be familiar with and ready to test any application. Or, if you need QA resources for a certain period of time, our consultants are ready to help you.

Because we are aware of the fact that end user satisfaction should be the main focus point, we concentrate on obtaining technical control through
stable and error-free software.
At the same time, we never fail to promote constant training amongst our professionals participating in our project so that we may always efficiently
meet international tendencies and promote human and intellectual development.

Software Testing

Diploma in Software Testing
This degree program is given in collaboration with the Institute for Business IT Services at the Universidad Empresarial Siglo XXI.
This is the only course of study with official accreditation given in the Republic of Argentina. During this current program, professionals from varying countries and businesses that have an important presence in new trends have participated, like “”, European and MERCOSUR countries.

Courses for Managers and Area Coordinators
Objective: Provide the necessary knowledge to Create and Manage a Testing area. The selection and training of Testers and the definition of Testing strategies. Testing tools use and selection.

Courses for Developers
Objective: Promote effective communication between Development
and testing and mutual help and general interest in fixing defects. Test execution in the development environment.

Courses for Analysts – Testers
Objective: Provide the necessary knowledge to execute reliable testing tasks and participate in the planning of tasks and area strategies.
User acceptance Test coordination. Documentation and deliverables revision from other areas.