Software Quality
We got the necessary knowledge to apply agile (Ej. extreme programming) or traditional methodologies depending
on software characteristics. We will accompany the development process with Analysts during the following phases:

The requirements and specifications of the product will be defined. Our analyst will act as the mediator between the development areas and
the client, therefore ensuring that the necessities formed in this stage will not later be modified during the successive stages…

Business Quality
We define the Satisfaction Indexes that must be reached in order to improve the commercial relationship and surpass the client’s expectations. We establish fluid Communication between internal and external clients and among the different structural levels of the company. We carry out Organizational Diagnostics by proposing improvement processes and actions that have a direct effect on the relationship with the client. We lead Cultural Changes with the aim of increasing business and excellence of service.

If you need to create a QA area (QA Analysts – QA Testers), we can train them on different methodologies. They will be familiar with and ready to test any application. Or, if you need QA resources for a certain period of time, our consultants are ready to help you.
Because we are aware of the fact that end user satisfaction should be the main focus point, we concentrate on obtaining technical control through stable and error-free software.
At the same time, we never fail to promote constant training amongst our professionals participating in our project so that we may always efficiently meet international tendencies and promote human and intellectual development.