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Of course depending on the kind of applications performance testing should be a high priority stuff but sometimes its an easy task, sometimes kind of difficult but another times mostly impossible. Why is that? Because of the way that the application was developed increases the level of risks of good performance tests. If the application was developed under OOP guidelines then it will be easier but here it might appears another problem…. there is no politics or regulations about how to apply OOP which also increases the risks of testing.
Again, as I have suggested already its a good approach to create the test cases looking at the code in order to avoid risks, and of course has a better impact with testing.
Going back to performance test, as it can be done by reusing the unit-test scripts why don’t developers do that? or execute them as part of the unitesting. It should be good that testing receives the results of Unit-testing and performance executed by the owner of the development. This approach will help us all to get a better idea about limitations and individual performance.
Because of the evolution of the systems and because they gets integrated with more and more applications performance test should be executed either by Developers or Testers but done….

by Sergio E Cusmai


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