Courses and training

If you need to create a QA area (QA Analysts – QA Testers), we can train them on different methodologies. They will be familiar with and ready to test any application. Or, if you need QA resources for a certain period of time, our consultants are ready to help you.

Because we are aware of the fact that end user satisfaction should be the main focus point, we concentrate on obtaining technical control through stable and error-free software.
At the same time, we never fail to promote constant training amongst our professionals participating in our project so that we may always efficiently meet international tendencies and promote human and intellectual development.

The QAustral testing centre is located in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina, and opened its doors in 2006, providing testing services and quality business serving companies in the UK and Holland, and then to local firms, European, Latin American and the U.S. In 2007, created in Argentina the first Diploma in Software Testing training that was given in conjunction with the Universidad Empresarial Siglo XXI. After that, other universities with the participation of QAustral in delivering Diplomas as National Technological University gave the same training. In addition to the training business has extended even to companies in Brazil.

During 2009 the company issued and participated in international seminars in Latin America and Europe, strengthening the academic presence and becoming a member of Software Testing Committee of Latin America, Hispanic America Software Testing Qualification Board (HASTQB). In 2010, the company begins the dictation for the first time approved courses and officials in Argentina, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) adding a higher level of preparation for international certification exam. ISTQB The international standard is currently the higher standard that certifies the quality of the professionals involved in the high-level testing. Software testing is the processes that allow verifying and disclosing the quality of a software product.
The International Committee of software qualification testing (ISTQB: International Software Testing Qualification Board, is an organization created in 2002 to support and define an international certification scheme. This committee provides the curriculum and the glossary which defines the international standards level and set guidelines for the accreditation and assessment of testing professionals by committees in each country.
Software testing is integrated within the different phases of the software, in software engineering. So runs a program and experimental techniques to discover that it has errors. To determine the quality measures must be performed or evidence to verify the degree of compliance against the initial specifications of the system.
“The testing can prove the presence of errors but not the absence of them,” E. W. Dijkstra.