QAustral S.A. is a company specialized in Quality Software and Business, made up of Senior Professionals in the field.
They are located in Cordoba, Argentina, and are able to deliver their services to companies in various countries.

Our team is comprised of specialized professionals and visionaries that provide an added value to the expected results.
With over 20 years experience in various companies, our team is capable of integrating into your current work team and previously defined processes, with the final objective being software free of defects. We know how to achieve it.

During the current year, executives from QAustral have taught training courses in Software Testing for IT professionals from client companies in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Jujuy in Argetnina. These International Quality courses provide important training and knowledge for working professionals in the IT field.

Our services have the objective to improve the quality of your business, internally and with the external factors.
Business Quality, to optimize the business structure, getting the best productivity from all Human Resources involved, taking advantage of their potential.

QAustral was created with the desire to help the businesses to optimize the processes of development to obtain the highest levels of production, mitigating in a precise way unnecessary risks.